Groundwater Inventory Program

We study Alberta's groundwater to learn how much exists, its chemistry, where it interacts with water on the surface, and its importance as a resource for our province.

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Surficial Mapping Program

We study the sediments on the surface (the ground we live on) and learn what they are made of, where they are located, and how they got there.

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Earthquakes and Seismicity in Alberta

We study earthquakes and other ground movement (seismicity) learning where, why, and when they occur to support decision-making in our province.

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Alberta Geology in Minecraft

Explore the geology of Alberta in Minecraft. Check out our two new models of Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta:

The Geological Association of Canada names Mark Fenton, Ph.D as the NEALE MEDAL winner!

Named after the legendary E.R. Ward Neale, the Medal is awarded to an individual for sustained outstanding efforts in sharing earth science with Canadians.

“For his enthusiasm for geology and willingness to share his earth science knowledge. Throughout his more than forty year career, two threads have run through his activities: a commitment to excellence in mapping and a dedication to public outreach. Mark’s outreach activities are firmly rooted in his geological expertise, especially his wide ranging knowledge of the Quaternary geology of Alberta. His outreach activities have touched professional and avocational geologists, students of all ages from elementary to university level, members of societies and special interest groups, and many other people with interests in natural history and landscape.”




The Alberta Geological Survey publishes technical reports, maps, data, models, and more.

Interactive Maps

Our Interactive Maps highlight some of the geology and earth resource data published by AGS, and enable you to download the data in spreadsheet, shapefile or KML format.

Open Data Portal

Our Open Data Portal provides access to data describing the geology of the province of Alberta by topic or location, and links to our interactive maps, reports, and featured projects.

Presentations & Posters

Over its history, AGS scientists have participated in a number of conferences and presentations on various geological topics for the province.

Table of Formations

The Alberta Table of Formations is routinely updated to reflect current scientific information.