Earth Sciences Report 1966-04

Earth Sciences Report 1966-04

ESR 1966-04

Water-Well Records, Alberta Townships 11-25 (complete to December 31, 1965)

Author(s) Research Council of Alberta Date 1968-01-01

Water well records are an important source of near surface geologic and hydrologic information. Most of the records presented in this preliminary report have not previously been published in any form. They represent a complete record of all the available water well data in the Groundwater Division's files for townships 11 to 25 inclusive.

Geiger, K.W., de Vries, P.H., Withers, D.W. and Treleaven, A.L. (1968): Water-well records, Alberta townships 11-25 (complete to December 31, 1965); Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Earth Sciences Report 1966-04, 138 p.