Open File Report 1967-02

Open File Report 1967-02

OFR 1967-02

Instructions for using the Hydrodat Computer-Oriented System for the Storage and Retrieval of Groundwater Data

Author(s) Turner, W.R. Date 1967-02-01

The ever-increasing volume of geologic and hydrologic data being collected by the Groundwater Division required that a system of storage and retrieval be devised to handle these data in an efficient and economical manner.

The HYDRODAT computer-oriented storage and retrieval system was developed by the Division to evaluate the applications of electronic data-processing techniques as applied not only to information storage, but to user-oriented retrieval methods.

This manual describes the HYDRODAT computer-oriented magnetic tape system developed by the Groundwater Division for the storage, retrieval and statistical analysis of groundwater data. The system is a modification of a format developed by the U.S. Geological Survey Water Resources Division and is the outgrowth of a pilot study conducted by the Groundwater Division to evaluate the potential and feasibility of electronic data-processing techniques.

The basic elements of the HYDRODAT system are: a well-schedule form for the recording and coding of data and a series of punch cords for transferring the encoded data to magnetic tape.

The system has been designed to meet the proposed compatibility requirements set forth by the Water Research Branch of the Department of Energy, Mines and Resources. Gilliland (1966) suggests that participating agencies follow a standard format, which will allow for the integration of individual systems. The creation of master files on magnetic tape by participating agencies will allow for the interchange of basic data. These master files do not contain data as such, only the location and type of data available. Participating agencies or organizations requiring information need only search these master tapes to determine the location and type of information available. The collecting agency, upon request, would then supply the appropriate data tapes together with an explanation of the file structure, sorting and retrieval procedures.

Turner, W.R. (1967): Instructions for using the Hydrodat computer-oriented system for the storage and retrieval of groundwater data; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Open File Report 1967-02, 78 p.