Open File Report 1968-08

Open File Report 1968-08

OFR 1968-08

Chevron Standard 13-1 Oilfield Injection Source Well

Author(s) Research Council of AlbertaCurrie, D.V. Date 1968-12-01

The subject well was drilled as a source of water to be injected into oil wells presently producing from the Hamilton Lake sand of the Cretaceous Viking Formation.

The Research Council of Alberta was invited by Chevron Standard and Doering Drilling to attend a proposed five-day pump test of the Bulwark Sandstone, a member of the Cretaceous Bearpaw Formation.

The duration of the pump test was cut to 24 hours. It is believed that data obtained from the well will be of use in construction of the Groundwater Division's hydrogeological map series.