Open File Report 1970-08

Open File Report 1970-08

OFR 1970-08

Soils of the Fort McMurray Region, Alberta (Townships 88-89, Ranges 8-11)

Author(s) Crown, P.H. Twardy, A.G. Date 1970-12-01

Fort McMurray Region (Townships 88-89, Ranges 8-11) work conducted during June and July 1970. The soil survey program classified, defined and delineated different kinds of soil based on the nature of the parent material, thickness and sequence of soil horizons (layers), organic matter content, reaction, slope and drainage of the soil. Once defined in this way, a particular soil can be distinguished from other kinds of soil.

Crown, P.H. and Twardy, A.G. (1970): Soils of the Fort McMurray region, Alberta (townships 88-89, ranges 8-11); Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Open File Report 1970-08, 55 p.