Open File Report 1977-16

Open File Report 1977-16

OFR 1977-16

Soil Survey of Moose Lake Provincial Park and Interpretation for Recreational Use

Author(s) Greenlee, G.M. MacMillan, R.A. Date 1977-01-01

A soil survey, properly interpreted, is a useful guide for general recreation planning and on-site selection. The majority of soils in the park have moderate to severe limitations for recreational development.

Moose Lake Provincial Park is located on the north shore of Moose Lake about 11 km (7 miles) west of Bonnyville, Alberta. The landscape is mainly gently undulating to undulating and consists of very coarse textured glaciofluvial sand with isolated pockets of moderately fine textured washed till and medium textured lacustrine material. Several organic deposits occur in low- lying, poorly drained positions. The climate is continental with warm summers and cold winters. The vegetation ranges from nearly pure stands of jack pine on the deep sands to mixed stands of aspen, white spruce, white birch and balsam poplar on the finer textured materials and in moister locations.

Greenlee, G.M. and MacMillan, R.A. (1977): Soil survey of Moose Lake Provincial Park and interpretation for recreational use; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Open File Report 1977-16, 104 p.