Open File Report 1980-01

Open File Report 1980-01

OFR 1980-01

Soil Classification and Characterization for Selected Sites in Cypress Hills Provincial Park

Author(s) Greenlee, G.M. Date 1980-01-01

Five sites that have been subject to intensive recreational use for many years were selected in Cypress Hills Provincial Park. Soil profiles in the heavy-use area and in adjacent non-use areas were described, and samples collected for analysis. The intent was to document any observable differences evident between soils in the heavy use areas compared to the non-use areas. The five sites selected were Ferguson Hill campground, Lodgepole campground, Spruce Coulee campground, Reesor Lake campground and Lake Day Use area. This report presents the soil data compiled for the five sites.

Greenlee, G.M. (1980): Soil classification and characterization for selected sites in Cypress Hills Provincial Park; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Open File Report 1980-01, 27 p.