Report 72

Report 72

REP 72

Geology of the McMurray Formation; Part I: Foraminifera of the Upper McMurray and Basal Clearwater Formations

Author(s) Mellon, G.B. Wall, J.H. Date 1956-01-01

Fifteen species and subspecies of Foraminifera--of which twelve are new--from the upper part of the McMurray formation and the basal part of the Clearwater formation in the lower Athabasca River area of northeastern Alberta are figured and described. These faunas are correlated with foraminiferal assemblages from the Cummings member of the Mannville formation of east-central Alberta and from the upper part of the Loon River formation of the Peace River area of northwestern Alberta. The suites are dated Middle Albian in age (late Lower Cretaceous). Environment of deposition appears to have been brackish lagoonal and shallow marine.

Mellon, G.B. and Wall, J.H. (1956): Geology of the McMurray Formation; part I: Foraminifera of the upper McMurray and basal Clearwater formations; and part II: Heavy minerals of the McMurray Formation; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Report 72, 50 p.