3D Provincial Geological Model

3D Provincial Geological Model

The 3D Provincial Geological Framework Model of Alberta provides a 3D representation of the surface and select subsurface geologic intervals across the province. 

Download the entire model package, or individual geological layers for the latest version of our provincial 3D model -- 3D Provincial Geological Framework Model, Version 1 (3D PGF model v1). Several packages are available:

  • entire model package
  • geodatabase
  • iMOD
  • stratigraphic picks tabular data
  • horizons and extents (asci format grids)
  • report on methodology

For information about the free 3D visualization tool, see our 3D Viewer iMOD page.

The 3D PGF model v1 covers over 602 825 km2 (excluding the Rocky Mountains to the approximate extent of Cordilleran deformation).

Version 1 of this model incorporates hundreds of thousands of stratigraphic picks and limited outcrop data from the Alberta Geological Survey and Alberta Energy Regulator. It extends from ground surface to an arbitrary flat base assigned in the Precambrian at 5000 m below sea level. The 3D PGF model v1 was constructed at a grid cell resolution of 500 m.





Generalized model column for the 3D PGF model v1

Animation of the 3D PGF Model v1