Peace River Minecraft Virtual Reality Tour

Peace River Minecraft Virtual Reality Tour

Take a virtual reality (360 video) guided tour of the Peace River area Minecraft model with an AGS geologist and learn about the interesting geological features hidden beneath the ground.

Peace River VR Minecraft tour

Click Here for the tour video

System Requirements

You will need:

  1. An up-to-date version of Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.
  2. For optimal viewing, increase the graphics settings (gear icon in the bottom right corner of YouTube viewer) to 4K resolution.

How to Interact with the video

You can view and interact with the video using either a computer or mobile device.  

If you open the video on your computer;

  • use your mouse to click and drag across the screen to change your view at anytime during the tour. 

If you open the video on a mobile device;

  • drag your finger across the touch screen to look around the model, or
  • move your entire mobile device around to experience different views of the model.

If you have a virtual reality (VR) headset you can use it to provide a more immersive experience while you watch the video. This will give you the feeling of being inside a Minecraft cart as you travel through the model. Just move your head to look around and explore the geology as you travel beneath the ground. 

What Will I See and Learn about in this video?  

This virtual reality (360 video) will take you on an interactive tour of our Peace River Minecraft model. You can look around the model in any direction during the tour as AGS geologist Tyler Hauck talks about the interesting geological features that you will encounter along your journey.

Hold on tight and get ready to learn about some of the fascinating geology and resources hiding deep beneath the ground in the Peace River area.

Legend of Rock Units

Transparent model legend 

Each Minecraft block in the model shown in this video represents approximately 1250 m x 1250 m in the horizontal (X and Y) dimensions. The vertical exaggeration of the model was set to 50 times, which means that each block represents approximately 25 m in the vertical (Z) dimension.

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These Minecraft worlds were built by the Alberta Geological Survey for educational and outreach purposes. This is not an official Minecraft product and is not associated with Mojang.