Special Report 111

Special Report 111

SPE 111

Calgary-Lethbridge Corridor Geophysical Survey: Ground Time Domain Calibration Survey Data and Report for AeroTEM Airborne Data and Inversion

Author(s) Groom, R.W. Davis, L. Date 2018-09-17

This publication documents the design, sites, methodology, and results of a ground time domain (TEM) survey performed in November and December of 2011 by Petros Eikon Incorporated in the Calgary-Lethbridge corridor area of Alberta. The purpose of the survey was to verify the accuracy of airborne time domain (AEM) data collected by Aeroquest Airborne Surveys, validate the inversions of the Aeroquest AEM data, and determine to what extent TEM data could resolve the resistivity structure of the ground. 

This publication also includes a data release of all the ground TEM data provided by Petros Eikon Incorporated from their study.

Groom, R.W. and Davis, L. (2018): Calgary-Lethbridge Corridor geophysical survey: ground time domain calibration survey data and report for AeroTEM airborne data and inversion; Alberta Energy Regulator, AER/AGS Special Report 111, 25 p.