Calgary-Lethbridge Corridor Project

Calgary-Lethbridge Corridor Project

Geological and Hydrogeological Characterization of the Calgary-Lethbridge Corridor

The aim of the Calgary-Lethbridge Corridor (CLC) Project was to compile existing geological and hydrogeological information within the CLC region and interpret it within a new regional hydrostratigraphic framework. The results of this work contribute to a better understanding of the regional hydrogeology of the CLC and provide the foundation with which to focus future studies, such as those relating to land-use planning, groundwater management and modelling, local-scale questions, or surface water–groundwater interaction.

Specific objectives of the project included

  • hydrostratigraphic modelling of the sediments above bedrock to map the distribution of coarse-grained sediments that may act as aquifers, and intervening units which may act as confining units;
  • hydrostratigraphic modelling of bedrock units  (Upper Cretaceous to Paleogene) using a lithological, formation-based approach;
  • analyzing the rock properties of the bedrock formations to illustrate areas that likely contain more- permeable sandstone bodies and thus higher aquifer potential;
  • mapping the potentiometric surfaces and water chemistry (as total dissolved solids for each unit) represented in the hydrostratigraphic model;; and
  • examining potential regional recharge and discharge areas, including numerical modelling of potential recharge values.

An AGS technical report on the geology and hydrogeology in the CLC will be released in early 2016.

Figure 1: Map of the CLC showing the land surface elevation (m asl) and major surface features. Pink hatched areas outline the First Nations reserves. Green hatched shading shows location of green zones.

Figure 2: 3D hydrostratigraphic model of the CLC showing the thirteen unconsolidated and bedrock hydrostratigraphic units (HSUs).  HSUs are shown at 30× vertical exaggeration and a 500 m offset for visualization purposes.

Figure 3: Potentiometric surface for the Scollard/Willow Creek Fm.