Geoscape Posters

Geoscape Posters

The Geoscape posters were jointly produced by the Geological Survey of Canada, provincial geological surveys, universities, museums, and geological societies. They contain colour illustrations, photographs, and descriptions of the geological formations, resources, hazards, and landscape of a particular city or area.

Geoscape Edmonton illustrates the North Saskatchewan River valley and the Edmonton region. Geoscape Edmonton is written at a level appropriate for the general public, especially primary and secondary students.

Each of the eight panels can be used as a learning module:

  • geohazards
  • geological time
  • river valley formation
  • river valley geology
  • regional resources
  • valley resources
  • glacial geology
  • groundwater

The poster is 98 × 68 cm (38 × 27 in). Geoscape Edmonton [PDF]

Similarly, the Geoscape Calgary poster offers the same type of content about the City of Calgary and its location at the confluence of the Bow and Elbow River valleys.

The poster contains information on:

  • geohazards
  • river valleys and flooding
  • glaciation
  • rock resources
  • fossil fuel energy
  • water resources

The poster is 152 × 91 cm (60 × 36 in). Geoscape Calgary.

Alberta Maps

Alberta Geology Alberta Topography

These maps are 86 × 147 cm (34× 58 in).