The CSPG wishes to thank the companies recognized below, whose commitment and generosity made possible the final production and printing of the Atlas.

Major Benefactors - More than $10,000.00



Benefactors - $5,000.00 to $10,000.00





Patrons - $1,000.00 to $5,000.00

Altana Exploration Co.
Altex Resources Ltd.
Anadarko Petroleum of Canada
Anderson Exploration Ltd.
ARCO Oil and Gas Co.
Atcor Ltd.
Atlantis Resources Ltd.
Ausquacan Energy Ltd.
Bankeno Resources Ltd.
Barrington Petroleum Ltd.
BHP Petroleum (Americas) Inc.
BHP Petroleum (Canada) Inc.
Bluestone Resources Ltd.
Bow Valley Industries Ltd.
Bowtex Energy (Canada) Corp.
BPB Wireline Services
Bumper Development Corporation Ltd.
Cabre Exploration Ltd.
Canadian Cometra Inc.
Canadian Hunter Exploration Ltd.
Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.
Canadian Occidential Petroleum Ltd.
CD Pubco Inc.
CGG Geophysics Canada Ltd.
Chauvco Resources Ltd.
CN Exploration Inc.
Coho Resources Ltd.
Columbia Gas Development of Canada Ltd.
Conoco Canada Ltd.
Cooperative Energy Development Corp.
Corexcal Inc.
CS Resources Ltd.
Czar Resources Ltd.
DeKalb Energy Canada Ltd.
Deminex (Canada) Ltd.
Discovery West Corp.
Dorset Exploration Ltd.
Encor Energy Corporation Inc.
Enron Oil Canada Ltd.
Fekete Associates Inc.
Fletcher Challenge Petroleum Inc.
Forest Oil Corp.
Geosite (1988) Ltd.
Geotechnical Resources Ltd.
Gordon W. Holland
Grad & Walker Resources Ltd.
Halliburton Logging Services
Hamilton Brothers Canadian Gas Co. Ltd.
Harbour Petroleum Co. Ltd.
Hardy Oil and Gas Ltd.
Home Oil Co. Ltd.
Inuvialuit Petroleum Corp.
Inverness Petroleum Ltd.
Joss Energy Ltd.
J.M. Huber Corp.
Kerr-McGee Corp.
Managra Resources Ltd.
Mark Resources Inc.
MLC Oil & Gas
Mobil Oil Canada
Mohawk Oil Co. Ltd.
Murphy Oil Company Ltd.
North Canadian Oils Ltd.
Northridge Exploration Ltd.
Northstar Energy Corp.
Novalta Resources Ltd.
Numac Oil & Gas Ltd.
OMV (Canada) Ltd.
Opinac Energy Ltd.
Orbit Oil & Gas Ltd.
Pacific Enterprises Oil Co.
Pancontinental Oil Ltd.
Paramount Resources Ltd.
Pembina Resources Ltd.
Penn West Petroleum Ltd.
Petrorep (Canada) Ltd.
Phillips Petroleum Resources
Pinnacle Resources Ltd.
Placer Cego Petroleum
Poco Petroleums Ltd.
Polaris Petroleums Ltd.
ProGas Ltd.
Quintana Exploration Canada Ltd.
Ranchmen's Resources Ltd.
Ranger Oil Ltd.
Redeagle Resources Ltd.
Remington Energy Ltd.
Renaissance Energy Ltd.
Resman Oil & Gas Ltd.
Rozsa Petroleum Corp.
Ryerson Oil & Gas Ltd.
Samedan Oil of Canada Inc.
Sceptre Resources Ltd.
Schlumberger of Canada
Scurry-Rainbow Oil Ltd.
Sproule Associates Ltd.
Star Oil & Gas Ltd.
Sugar Creek Oil & Gas Inc.
Summit Resources Ltd.
Syncrude Canada Ltd.
Tai Resources Ltd.
Tarragon Oil and Gas Ltd.
Texaco Canada Petroleum Inc.
Trilogy Resource Corp.
Triton Canada Resources Ltd.
Tri-Link Resources Ltd.
Ulster Petroleums Ltd.
Union Pacific Resources Inc.
Upton Resources Inc.
Veritas Seismic Ltd.
Voyager Energy Inc.
Wainoco Oil Corp.
Western Seismic Exchange
Wintershall Canada Ltd.


Supporters - Less than $1,000.00

Bellport Resources Ltd.
Bounty Developments Ltd.
Cimmaron Petroleum Ltd.
Coachwood Resources Ltd.
Philip Coleman
Comaplex Resources International Ltd.
David Dearborn
D.G. Penner Management Services
Excel Energy Inc.
Hydro Geological Consultants Ltd.
Hydro-Fax Resources Ltd.
Robert N. James
Koch Exploration Canada Ltd.
Landmark Energy Corp.
LASMO Canada Inc.
Northern Development Co. Ltd.
Norwich Resources Canada Ltd.
Paloma Petroleum Ltd.
Petrel Robertson Ltd.
Pridham Consultants Ltd.
Sabre Energy Ltd.
Seis-Pro Consultants Ltd.
N. Spence
Tigar Moth Energy Ltd.
Triple Pacer Resources Ltd.
Unigas Corporation
Western Star Energy Corp.
Wicked River Resources Ltd.