Model 2018-01

Model 2018-01

Model 2018-01

Numerical Groundwater Flow Model of the Sylvan Lake Sub-Basin in the Edmonton-Calgary Corridor, Central Alberta (multiple files, text format)

Author(s) Liggett, J.E. Singh, A. Date 2018-11-26

This regional-scale numerical groundwater flow model represents groundwater movement, the effect of stress (e.g., pumping, change in groundwater recharge), and broad-scale interaction with surface water in the Sylvan Lake sub-basin (SLSB) of central Alberta. This digital dataset includes two versions of the model: a steady-state version and a transient version that simulate steady-state and transient groundwater flow respectively. The dataset also includes the model results (i.e., output files) for the steady-state simulation, and the input and output files for running the ZONEBUDGET utility to calculate fluxes between model zones. The modelled area includes the Medicine, Blindman and Red Deer rivers, Gull Lake, and Sylvan Lake and simulates groundwater flow between 1995 and 1999 within 10 hydrostratigraphic units, from the base of the Wapiti Formation to the surficial Neogene-Quaternary sediments. 

The model dataset is the collection of text files required by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) MODFLOW-NWT code ( to run a numerical groundwater flow model. The text files conform to the standard MODFLOW-NWT format, as documented by the USGS. 

This model provides a foundation for subsequent modelling of the SLSB that could focus on specific water resource questions for either the entire sub-basin or more local areas of interest within the basin. In addition, the model is available for further development as a decision support tool for water management planning, scenario modelling, and increasing knowledge of groundwater flow in the SLSB. 

Data and methods used to create the groundwater flow model are described in AER/AGS Report 96: Numerical groundwater flow model of the Sylvan Lake sub-basin in the Edmonton-Calgary Corridor, central Alberta.

Ligget, J.E. and Singh, A. (2018): Numerical groundwater flow model of the Sylvan Lake sub-basin in the Edmonton-Calgary Corridor, central Alberta (multiple files, text format); Alberta Energy Regulator / Alberta Geological Survey, AER/AGS Model 2018-01.