3D Provincial Geological Model (New with V2)

The 3D Provincial Geological Framework Model of Alberta v2 is published! 

You can download elements of the package or the entire model.

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3D Printing

Download now and print a 3D model! We now have four different models to choose from.

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3D Viewer

Did you know you can visualize and interact with our 3D models? Simply download a free tool and interact in a 3D space.

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Have a look at Turtle Mountain over the year! 

The deepest mineral core is 1255 metres.

The Mineral Core Research Facility (MCRF) contains more than 60,500 metres of mineral core, 12,500 metres of coal core, and 18,000 rock samples from various mineral exploration projects in Alberta. The collection is publicly available to prospectors, mineral exploration companies, and academia for mineral exploration and research purposes.





The Alberta Geological Survey publishes technical reports, maps, data, models, and more.

Interactive Maps

Our Interactive Maps highlight some of the geology and earth resource data published by AGS, and enable you to download the data in spreadsheet, shapefile or KML format.

Open Data Portal

Our Open Data Portal provides access to data describing the geology of the province of Alberta by topic or location, and links to our interactive maps, reports, and featured projects.

Presentations & Posters

Over its history, AGS scientists have participated in a number of conferences and presentations on various geological topics for the province.

Table of Formations

The Alberta Table of Formations is routinely updated to reflect current scientific information.


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