Bulletin 026

Author(s) Date 1968-12-31

Maps depicting the regional variation in the chemical and mineralogical composition, and physical properties of tills from throughout the plains region of Alberta were prepared by a computer with an attached plotter.

The chemical constituents and properties analyzed and discussed are: Copper, zinc, manganese, calcium, boron, molybdenum, cobalt, pH, and oluble salts. The mineralogical components included are clay minerals and feldspars. The physical properties included are particle-size istribution, liquid limit and plastic limit, on the basis of which a number of additional engineering properties were calculated and discussed: plasticity number, plasticity, activity and corrosion potential.

Generally, the lithology of the till closely reflects that of the underlying bedrock. A noticeable exception is the distribution of soluble salts, the origin of which is more likely related to groundwater phenomena.

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Bayrock, L.A. and Pawluk, S. (1969): Some characteristics and physical properties of Alberta tills; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Bulletin 26, 26 p.