DIG 2011-0002

Tops of the Horseshoe Canyon, Wapiti and Battle Formations in the West-Central Alberta Plains: Subsurface Stratigraphic Picks and Modelled Surface (tabular data, tab delimited format, to accompany Open File Report 2011-08)

Author(s) Date 2011-12-06

The dataset includes subsurface stratigraphic picks of the tops of the Horseshoe Canyon/Wapiti and Battle formations in the west-central Alberta Plains (Townships 15 to 67, Ranges 16W4 to 3W6) made from wireline geophysical well logs.

The dataset supplements Alberta Geological Survey Open File Report 2011-08, which describes the methodology. We screened the well data to detect errors resulting from deviated wells, as well as incorrect well-header ground and kelly bushing elevation data. Statistical methods identified local and regional statistical outliers, which were examined individually.