Digital Data 2012-0021

Author(s) Date 2012-09-11

This dataset is a grid of the thickness of the Haynes aquifer within the Paskapoo Formation. The Haynes aquifer is a regionally extensive body of sand that lies in the bottom part of the Paskapoo Formation. The isopach was created from the modelled results of the average sandiness of 25 m thick slices in boreholes completed within the Paskapoo Formation. Parts of the aquifer are as much as 100 m thick, particularly in the west near the deformation belt and in a region west of the city of Red Deer. The bulk of the unit averages about 50 m in thickness. Given the great range in elevation of the top of the unit, but the relatively uniform thickness of the bulk of the aquifer, we inferred that most of the Haynes aquifer was deposited prior to major deformation with only the western-most parts showing evidence of infill of enhanced accommodation space. Most of the Haynes aquifer is overlain by thick muddy sediments of the Lacombe Member and only outcrops along its eastern edge.

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