Digital Data 2014-0022

Author(s) Date 2018-06-26

This GIS dataset portrays the distribution of glacial landforms in Alberta, based on the compilation of existing government survey mapping and research literature, supplemented by new analysis of remote sensing data. It updates the line features previously used to create Alberta Geological Survey Map 604 (Glacial Landforms of Alberta).

This update is based on a comprehensive analysis of new remote sensing data, supplemented by line features presented in the previously compiled digital dataset. The data were created in geodatabase format and output for public distribution in shapefile format.

Place Keywords

Atkinson, N., Utting, D.J. and Pawley, S.M. (2018): Glacial landforms of Alberta, Canada, version 3.0 (GIS data, line features); Alberta Energy Regulator, AER/AGS Digital Dataset 2014-0022.