Digital Data 2019-0021

This digital data release includes inorganic geochemistry results of bulk samples from selected Alberta geological units. Samples were collected from drillcore at the Core Research Centre in Calgary, the Mineral Core Research Centre in Edmonton, or from outcrop. Geochemistry results consist of whole-rock multi-element analyses suitable for reservoir rock analysis, mineral exploration, and lithogeochemistry.

The strata evaluated included the following geological units in the province: Banff Formation, Beaverhill Lake Group, Belle Fourche Formation, Blackstone Formation, Bluesky Formation, Brazeau Formation, Cardium Formation, Colorado Group, Contact Rapids Formation, Dunvegan Formation, Duvernay Formation, Eldon Formation, Exshaw Formation, Fernie Formation, First White Specks Member, Fish Scales Formation, Fort Simpson Formation, Gething Formation, Granite Wash, Ireton Formation, Joli Fou Formation, Kaskapau Formation (Doe Creek Member), Keg River Formation, Livingstone Formation, Loon River Formation, McMurray Formation, Mountain Lake volcanic rocks, Muskeg Formation, Muskwa Formation, Nordegg Member, Paskapoo Formation, Peace River Formation, Pekisko Formation, Precambrian basement, Puskwaskau Formation, Scollard Formation, Second White Specks Formation, Shaftesbury Formation, Slave Point Formation, Smoky Group, Swan Hills Formation, Viking Formation, Waterways Formation, Westgate Formation, Wilrich Member, and Winterburn Group.

Place Keywords

Lopez, G.P., Rokosh, C.D., Weiss, J.A., and Pawlowicz, J.G. (2020): Inorganic geochemistry of bulk samples from selected Alberta geological units (tabular data, tab-delimited format); Alberta Energy Regulator / Alberta Geological Survey, AER/AGS Digital Data 2019-0021.