Digital Data 2020-0020

Author(s) Date 2021-03-29

This digital data package contains 41 gridded datasets describing the distribution of total dissolved solids and hydraulic head for the mapped aquifer portion of bedrock formations or grouped geological units spanning from the Upper Cretaceous Wapiti Formation to the base of the Cambrian stratigraphic succession in an area in west-central Alberta, centred on the Town of Fox Creek. The aquifer extents were delineated based on the spatial extent of water recovering drillstem tests (DSTs) and the spatial distribution of representative formation water analyses and pressure data. Since DSTs often specifically target areas of potential hydrocarbon pools, the actual aquifer extents might be larger than those defined in this study. However, the delineations are thought to represent a reasonable approximation of where the formations or grouped geological units are known to be capable of producing water, and provide the area of the aquifers where mapping was completed.

Information about the hydrostratigraphy of the study area and the methods used to create the grids is provided in AER/AGS Report 100: Hydrogeological Mapping of Saline Aquifers in West-Central Alberta.

NTS Keywords

Nakevska, N., Brinsky, J., and Singh, A. (2021): Hydrogeological mapping of saline aquifers in west-central Alberta (gridded data, ASCII format); Alberta Energy Regulator / Alberta Geological Survey, AER/AGS Digital Data 2020-0020.