Digital Data 2020-0046

Author(s) Date 2020-12-08

This grid dataset is part of the 3D hydrostratigraphic model of the Grande Prairie–Valleyview area in northwestern Alberta. It represents the thickness of hydrostratigraphic unit HSU2 which comprises dominantly fine-grained sediment that is typically glacial or glaciolacustrine in genesis and overlies bedrock and, where present, hydrostratigraphic subunits HSU1-high or HSU1-low. The dataset supplements AGS Report 102 which provides detailed information on the shallow stratigraphy and hydrogeology of the Grande Prairie–Valleyview area, and the steps taken to create the hydrostratigraphic model.

NTS Keywords

Hartman, G.M.D. and Atkinson, L.A (2020): Grande Prairie–Valleyview area hydrostratigraphic model – thickness of hydrostratigraphic unit HSU2 within the Paleogene–Quaternary succession (gridded data, ASCII format); Alberta Energy Regulator / Alberta Geological Survey, AER/AGS Digital Data 2020-0046.