Digital Data 2021-0024

Author(s) Date 2022-01-05

This GIS dataset is an update of the groundwater yield continuum for the Cold Lake-Beaver River Basin and supersedes AGS Digital Data 2021-0010. The yield continuum classifies groundwater yield along a spectrum that helps define total groundwater availability. The update made use of additional input data which enabled a better estimate of the recharge parameter in the northern part of the study where data was limited in the previous version. The classes within the groundwater yield continuum (reported in cubic metres per year) from most conservative to maximum mining are: nonuse (withdrawal of groundwater equal to zero, therefore not included in dataset), permissive sustained yield (PSY_10pc and PSY_50pc), maximum sustained yield (MSY), permissive mining yield (PMY_1yr and PMY_20yr), and maximum mining yield (MMY_1yr and MMY_ 20yr).

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Klassen, J. (2022): Groundwater yield continuum for the Cold Lake-Beaver River Basin, version 2 (GIS data, polygon features); Alberta Energy Regulator / Alberta Geological Survey, AER/AGS Digital Data 2021-0024.