Earth Sciences Report 1962-03

Author(s) Date 1961-12-31

Most wells in the Oyen area obtain domestic or farm supplies from sand and gravel within glacial deposits, from sandstones in the Edmonton or Bearpaw formations, or from deeply buried sandstones in the Belly River Formation. The Belly River Formation has only recently been developed in areas where shallower supplies could not be obtained.

Recharge to the area is small because of the limited precipitation and the impermeable nature of much surficial material. As a consequence, only very few aquifers are believed able to sustain yields in excess of 50 gallons per minute. Also, the chemical quality of the groundwater is commonly only fair to very poor and quite often does not meet the requirements of Alberta provincial health standards.

Groundwater probability maps for the drift and the bedrock show the relative chances of success in obtaining a yield of 5 to10 gallons per minute. These maps, in addition to a preliminary bedrock topographic map, should aid in the search for new supplies of groundwater and provide a base for future detailed studies.

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Kunkle, G.R. (1962): Reconnaissance groundwater survey of the Oyen map area, Alberta; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Earth Sciences Report 1962-03, 26 p.