Earth Sciences Report 1962-05

Author(s) Date 1961-12-31

This report presents preliminary information concerning the nature and occurrence of groundwater in the Swan Hills and adjacent areas of Alberta. Information included in the report consists of records of water wells, flowing seismic shot holes and water quality analyses. In addition, a discussion of the geology, hydrology, aquifer testing, and well compilation methods is presented.

To delineate the groundwater potential in specific areas, adequate test drilling and aquifer testing should be carried out to evaluate the real distribution and thickness of aquifers, and their hydrologic characteristics.

Preliminary estimates indicate that the Cretaceous and Tertiary geologic environment is favourable for yielding groundwater in amounts up to 100 gallons per minute from a single water well. Larger quantities of groundwater may be present in surficial and buried sand and gravel deposits.

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Jones, J.F. (1962): Reconnaissance groundwater study Swan Hills and adjacent areas, Alberta; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Earth Sciences Report 1962-05, 43 p.