Earth Sciences Report 1973-01

Author(s) Date 1972-12-31

This study was undertaken to find relationships between forest characteristics and soil conditions, and to interpret the soil survey map for management conditions in the study area.

Forest and soil were described in detail for approximately 100 sample plots, followed by classification of the stands into 15 forest types and the soils into 30 soil series. The mean site index of white spruce at 70 years age ranged from 67 to 87 feet in the forest types and from 72 to 88 feet in the soil series. The site index of lodgepole pine ranged from 59 to 75 feet in the forest types and from 61 to 76 in the soil series. Soil drainage and soil texture were found to be the most important factors influencing the growth of both white spruce and lodgepole pine.

Relationship between forest types and soil series was close and specific only at the extremes of the drainage spectrum. Finally, the study area was divided into 11 soil management areas and their forest productivity and engineering properties are discussed.

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Lesko, G.L. and Lindsay, J.D. (1973): Forest/soil relationships and management considerations in a portion of the Chip Lake map area, Alberta; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Earth Sciences Report 1973-01, 72 p.