Geo-Note 2004-01

Author(s) Date 2004-08-31

Coal quality data were obtained for coal from the Val d'Or seam, which was cored from a hole drilled at location 10-25-47-21W5. Desorption of 16 samples from the Val d'Or coal seam of the Coalspur Formation revealed an average dry-ash-free gas content of 5.59 cc/g. Proximate analysis and vitrinite reflectance measurements indicate a high-volatile bituminous C rank for these coals. High-pressure methane adsorption analysis indicates a storage capacity of 3.94 cc/g (dry-ash-free) of one of the samples. About 80% of the cleats are open and not filled with calcite, indicating the potential for permeability. These data indicate the CBM reservoir might be over-saturated in methane, that free gas may be present in the cleat system and that the reservoir might be producible.

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Langenberg, C.W. and Ronaghan, R. (2004): Desorption and adsorption of coal in the Coal Valley area, Alberta Foothills; Alberta Energy and Utilities Board, EUB/AGS Geo-Note 2004-01, 23 p.