Information Series 141

Author(s) Date 2012-08-28

To take advantage of recent advances in collecting airborne geophysical data and integrating them into three-dimensional geological models and hydrological studies, we hosted a three-dimensional geological modelling workshop in Edmonton in January 2012.

ERCB/AGS staff members were joined by scientists from Alberta Environment and Water, the Geological Survey of Canada, the United States Geological Survey and the Manitoba, Illinois, and Minnesota geological surveys, as well as representatives from the private sector.

The workshop focused on developing geological frameworks for assessing the near-surface hydrology of a number of regions in North America, including Alberta, and examined two major themes. The first explored opportunities and challenges associated with the acquisition, calibration, and application of airborne geophysical surveys. The second examined the importance of developing high-quality, three-dimensional geological models and how these models can be best applied to hydrological studies.

Collectively, the expertise shared at this workshop will benefit ERCB/AGS staff members as they move forward on the Provincial Groundwater Inventory Project, which will provide digitally derived maps and reports to improve understanding of Alberta�s groundwater resources for public, industry, and regulatory use.

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Slattery, S.R. and Atkinson, N. (2012): Energy Resources Conservation Board/Alberta Geological Survey three-dimensional geological modelling workshop; Energy Resources Conservation Board, ERCB/AGS Information Series 141, 23 p.