Information Series 143

Author(s) Date 2014-08-21

This report is a compilation of the field notes, sketches, and photos taken by Dr. Jozsef Toth during his many field trips from 1964 to 1969. His observations of groundwater flow in central Alberta were taken when the science of hydrogeology was in its infancy. His work inspired a generation of hydrogeologists and groundwater scientists in Alberta and eventually throughout the world.

The majority of the notes were taken during the summer of 1968 along a 100 km wide corridor running from southwestern Alberta to the Saskatchewan border, south of Cold Lake. Three parallel lines, 50 km apart, were drawn in a southwest to northeast direction on 10 1:250 000 maps, parallel to the structural dip of the Alberta basin. The field trips, for the most part, fell within those lines.

The appendix includes all of Dr. Toth's maps. The report also includes his photos and field sketches.

We made every effort to retain the original wording and grammar used by Dr. Toth;th in his handwritten field notes. We also had him translate his Hungarian text that was interspersed in his notes. The reason for keeping the text as original as possible is that it is a rare opportunity to capture the thoughts and observations of the theorist from postulate to theory. It is also truly a pleasure to watch Dr. Toth's landmark "unit basin" theory unfold as one reads his field observations.

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Stewart, S.A. comp. (2014): Hydrogeological field notes by Dr. Jozsef Toth: 1964-1969, central and southern Alberta; Alberta Energy Regulator, AER/AGS Information Series 143, 145 p.