Information Series 148

Author(s) Date 2017-02-22

This document highlights the common landslide types and examples in the Alberta Plains. It also describes the degree to which terrain can be affected by landslides by modelling a relationship between the spatial distribution of recognized landslides, and predisposing geological, topographic, and climate factors.

The content of this document is cross-referenced to the explanatory notes for the Relative Landslide Susceptibility Model of the Alberta Plains and Shield Regions (AGS Map 605).

A 2-page printable version of the AGS Map 605 at 1: 1 000 000 scale and explanatory notes in PDF format (32 x 50 inches per page) and the model result as gridded data (DIG 2016-0044) can be downloaded at no charge from the Alberta Geological Survey website at

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Pawley, S.M., Hartman, G.M.D. and Chao, D.K. (2017): Examples of landslides and the geological, topographic, and climatic factors that contribute to landslide susceptibilities in Alberta - a cross-reference to the explanatory notes for AGS Map 605; Alberta Energy Regulator, AER/AGS Information Series 148, 26 p.