Many of the province's industrial minerals are located in Alberta's mountain corridors. This map set was prepared as part of the Canada/Alberta Partnership Agreement on Mineral Development project entitled �Mineral Resource Mapping of Main Mountain Corridors�. The purpose of the project was to address the need for better resource information to match expanding requirements and to deal with the increasing pressures on the corridors caused by land use conflict. The Yellowhead (Hinton-Jasper area), David Thompson, Bow Valley and Crowsnest Pass corridors were evaluated for limestone, dolomite, clay, shale, silica, bentonite and decorative stone. These data will lead to better-informed decisions on land use, ensure the availability of essential minerals for future needs, and protect some of the most scenic and environmentally sensitive regions in Alberta. Map 234 consists of 'Map 234A: Geology of the Yellowhead Corridor (Hinton-Entrance and Cadomin Sheets)', and 'Map 234B: Mineral deposits of the Yellowhead Corridor (Hinton-Entrance and Cadomin Sheets)'.

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