The bedrock topography map of the Pelican River area (NTS 83P) shows the elevation of the bedrock surface. In general, the surface topography reflects the bedrock topography: bedrock highs underlie the Pelican, Amadou and May Hills highlands, and the buried valleys lie within the Wabasca and Wandering River plains. The elevation of the bedrock surface ranges from 360 metres above sea level (masl) in the Wabasca Plain to slightly more than 920 masl in the Pelican Mountains. Segments of three major buried valleys are present: the Wiau Valley and the Leismer Valley in the northeast, and the south to northwest-trending Amesbury Valley in the central portion of the area.

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Pawlowicz, J.G. and Fenton, M.M. (2004): Bedrock topography of Pelican River area, Alberta (NTS 83P); Alberta Energy and Utilities Board, EUB/AGS Map 254