Map 579

Author(s) Date 2016-03-29

This map portrays a compilation of the surficial geology of the Calgary-Lethbridge Corridor project area (1:250 000 scale) using published Alberta Geological Survey and Geological Survey of Canada maps, GIS data queried from the Agricultural Regions of Alberta Soil Inventory Database (Version 4.0), and research publications. Vector data from 26 sources (scales 1:50 000 to 1:500 000) were compiled into a seamless mosaic with a uniform legend. Map boundary discrepancies were largely resolved during the process of reclassifying the input data to a common legend with only limited remapping. Where necessary, polygon boundaries were modified to agree with the surface topography as represented by a digital elevation model (DEM) with a grid cell size of 25 metres. The resulting surficial geology layer was overlaid on a hill-shade of the DEM.

NTS Keywords

Hartman, G.M.D. (2016): Surficial geology of the Calgary-Lethbridge Corridor (NTS 82O, 82P, 82J, 82I, 82G and 82H); Alberta Energy Regulator, AER/AGS Map 579