The 3D geological model of west-central Alberta (WCAB) is composed of 49 geological horizons and covers 43 141.58 square kilometres of the province of Alberta.

The model is available in the following formats for download:
1) a tab-delimited tabular dataset of stratigraphic picks and point data used to create the model,
2) a deconstructed model dataset composed of discrete and continuous model horizons as Esri format grids and zone model shapefiles, 
3) the Petrel model files, and;
4) an iMOD model dataset package.

The methods used to create the model and more information about these data is provided in the included report: 3D Geological Model of West-Central Alberta – Methodology and Metadata.

The 48 model zones included in this model are;
1.    Paskapoo Formation
2.    Scollard Formation
3.    Battle Formation
4.    Wapiti Formation
5.    Lea Park Formation / upper Puskwaskau Formation
6.    lower Puskwaskau Formation / Bad Heart Formation
7.    upper Kaskapau Formation
8.    Muskiki Formation
9.    Cardium Zone Member
10.    Cardium sandstone
11.    Pembina River Member (excluding Cardium sandstone)
12.    Blackstone Formation / middle Kaskapau Formation 
13.    Second White Specks Formation
14.    lower Kaskapau Formation
15.    Dunvegan Formation
16.    Belle Fourche / upper Shaftesbury formations
17.    Westgate Formation / lower Shaftesbury Formation
18.    Viking Formation / Peace River Formation (excluding Harmon Member)
19.    Joli Fou Formation / Harmon Member
20.    Spirit River Formation / upper Mannville Group
21.    Bluesky Formation
22.    Gething Formation / Ostracod Beds / Ellerslie Member
23.    Cadomin Formation
24.    Nikanassin Formation
25.    Fernie Formation (excluding Nordegg Member)
26.    Nordegg Member
27.    Schooler Creek Group / Doig Formation
28.    Montney Formation
29.    Belloy Formation
30.    Stoddart Group
31.    Debolt Formation
32.    Shunda Formation
33.    Pekisko Formation
34.    Banff Formation
35.    Exshaw Formation
36.    Wabamun Group
37.    Graminia Silt Member
38.    Blue Ridge Member
39.    Calmar Formation
40.    Nisku Formation
41.    Ireton Formation (above Ireton Z marker)
42.    Ireton Formation (below Ireton Z marker)
43.    Duvernay Formation
44.    Leduc Formation
45.    Majeau Lake Formation
46.    Waterways Formation
47.    Slave Point Formation / Swan Hills Formation
48.    Watt Mountain Formation to Precambrian interval

The model was created using a combination of Schlumberger’s Petrel 2015 and Esri’s ArcMap and was exported in non-proprietary formats for use in other software.

Babakhani, M., MacCormack, K.E., Playter, T.L., Corlett, H., Hathway, B. and Peterson, J.T. (2018): 3D geological model of west-Central Alberta (dataset, multiple files); Alberta Energy Regulator, AER/AGS Model 2019-03.