Open File Report 1961-03

Author(s) Date 1961-07-31

This report discusses the groundwater exploration program for the town of Edson that has been undertaken during the past two years (1960-61) to assess the probable amount of water obtainable from wells in the vicinity of Edson. The existing well field derives water from sandstone lenses in the Paskapoo. This overall decline with time is characteristic of many of the older municipal well fields throughout the provinces. It is not indicative of failure of a given well or wells, or failure of the aquifer to yield water after a given time; instead, it is the logical and predictable outcome of the failure of the well field design, in that individual wells and groups of wells have been designed to produce water at a rate greater than the maximum safe pumping rate of a well or group of wells in such an aquifer.

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Meneley, W.A. (1961): Municipal water supply: Town of Edson; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Open File Report 1961-03, 21 p.