Open File Report 1966-06

Author(s) Date 1966-11-30

The following summary of groundwater occurrence and movement in the area of study, townships 53 and 54, ranges 18 and 19, West of 4th meridian is taken from a groundwater reconnaissance report of the Lamont-Chipman area to be published in 1967. For convenience of studying groundwater movement, the area was divided into three topographic regions: Elk Island Park, a high markedly undulating region; Chipman Hills, a region moderately well dissected by glacial drainage channels; Star Plain, a flat area separating the former two regions.

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LeBreton, E.G. (1966): Till project: groundwater contribution, 53-18-W4; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Open File Report 1966-06, 5 p.