Open File Report 1980-09

Author(s) Date 1980-09-30

This study is part of a program initiated in 1976 by Alberta Energy and Natural Resources and the Alberta Research Council to provide information on the sand and gravel resources of the province. Alberta Energy and Natural Resources provides the funding for the program and input into the selection of study areas. The actual investigations are conducted by the Geological Survey Department of the Alberta Research Council.

The information acquired by these studies provides a data base for resource management and land-use planning with respect to sand and gravel fro both public and private lands. The studies also provide a starting point for detailed exploration programs.

The program is concerned with delineating and describing presently exploitable deposits and identifying deposits with future potential. The deposits described are, in general, mappable at a scale of 1:50 000, have a thickness of at least 1 m, and have a ration of overburden to gravel and sand of no more than 1:1. Volume figures are estimates based on geological interpretations of the deposits and not detailed subsurface data.

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Peterson, B.N. (1980): Sand and gravel resources of the Grande Prairie area, Alberta; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Open File Report 1980-09, 49 p.