Open File Report 1983-20

Author(s) Date 1982-12-31

The continued expansion of the greater Edmonton area has placed more demand for not only geologic construction materials, but also on a more detailed understanding of the regional surficial geology and the properties of the deposits as they relate to construction and engineering design. A number of studies have focused on the surficial and Quaternary geology of the immediate area around Edmonton, but the expansion of the City of Edmonton has been so rapid that these reports are of limited value. Furthermore, except for a two dimensional 1:250,000 scale surficial geology map (Bayrock, 1972) most of the studies around Edmonton have been relatively detailed and have not considered the three dimensional regional distribution of the Quaternary deposits. As a consequence and in response to the perceived need for this three dimensional type of information, the Alberta Geological Survey initiated a study in 1978 of the Quaternary stratigraphy in the Edmonton map area 83H. The primary objective of the study was to not only define the origin and history of the stratigraphic units, but to also provide a data base for land use planners in making decisions regarding the development of the natural resources of the Edmonton area.

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Andriashek, L.D. (1983): Preliminary report of the surficial geology and Quaternary stratigraphy of Edmonton, map area 83H, 1983; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Open File Report 1983-20, 20 p.