Open File Report 1984-25

Author(s) Date 1980-03-31

The Alberta Research Council is presently conducting a province wide sand and gravel resources study for the Alberta Department of Energy and Natural Resources. In February, 1980 the Edmonton Regional Planning Commission requested stratigraphic information for the area of Tp54, R1, W5Mer. Because the Sand and Gravel Inventory is presently studying the resources in the Edmonton area it has been possible to gather information relevant to this request. The Department of Energy and Natural Resources has authorized the release of this information which has been compiled here in the form of a report.

The area considered in this report is east of Onoway and includes sections 14 to 23 and 26 to 35, township 54 range and sections 2 to 6, township 55 range 1 west of the fifth meridian. The ERPC boundary for extractive resource conservation crosses this area.

Previous work in this area includes: ARC test hole drilling; water well logs on file at ARC; surficial geology map; hydrogeological map and four submissions to the ERPC on the following areas: a) SE1/2-2-55-1-W5 and NE1/4-35-54-1-W5, b) NW and SE-33-54-1-W5, c)SW3-55-1-W5, and d) SW3-55-1-W5.

The available subsurface data was supplemented with information from a drilling program conducted by the Sand and Gravel Inventory of the ARC on April 15 to 17, 1980. All the subsurface data was used to draw cross-sections and to make a geological interpretation of the area. The interpretation uses the surficial geology and hydrogeology maps referenced above and extends it through the use of the additional data now available.

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Edwards, W.A.D. (1980): Sand and gravel resources of 7 to 36-54-1-W5 and 1 to 6-55-1-W5; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Open File Report 1984-25, 62 p.