Open File Report 1986-09

Author(s) Date 1985-12-31

Sand and gravel deposits in the Bistcho Lake (northern three quarters, 84M) and Steen River (west half, 84N) areas were studied in 1985 to provide information on their distribution and characteristics.

The study was carried out at a reconnaissance level and consisted of compiling existed information, aerial photograph interpretation, some site investigation and laboratory analysis of sand and gravel samples.

In the study area, sand and gravel materials are unevenly distributed and of variable quality. The Hay River valley has the greatest concentration of deposits, with active pits located in the vicinity of Meander River. Few deposits are available in the western part of the study area (84M) where there is a high demand for sand and gravel for oil company needs. A kame, some 26 km northeast of Zama City may serve to alleviate, for a time, the supply situation in that area. In the northern part of the map area, in the vicinity of Bistcho Lake, deposits with good potential do occur, but the demand for sand and gravel in this area is low.

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Fox, J.C. (1986): Sand and gravel resources of the Bistcho Lake (northern three quarters, 84M) and Steen River (west half, 84N) areas; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Open File Report 1986-09, 29 p.