Open File Report 1990-09

Author(s) Date 1989-12-31

This data base is a compilation of published information on placer gold in Alberta and new information gathered during 1988 and 1989 by the Alberta Geological Survey. The primary published source of information is Halferdahl (1965), other useful sources are Giusti (1983) and MacGillivray, Sham and Boisvert (1984). All sources are referenced in the data sets. The information is divided into four different geological categories: river (or alluvial) sand and gravel, outwash (glacially derived) sand and gravel, preglacial (ancient river) sand and gravel and bedrock.

I consider the data base to be preliminary because there is undoubtedly more information available which can be added, because such things as sample locations, elevations, etc. from the published information are, in many cases, estimates and because some fields, such as elevation or Lat./Long. are not complete (the DLS coordinates are complete). The attractive aspect of this data set is that you can easily alter the data base for your needs and add additional data.

Your comments and suggestions for expanding and improving this data base are welcomed. In the next year this data base will also be available on disk for use on personnel computers.

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Edwards, W.A.D. (1990): Placer gold occurrences in Alberta; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Open File Report 1990-09, 76 p.