Open File Report 2009-14

Author(s) Date 2009-09-03

The Turtle Mountain Monitoring System is a near real-time monitoring system that provides data from a series of over 80 geotechnical sensors on the South Peak of Turtle Mountain (site of the 1903 Frank Slide) in the Crowsnest Pass. As of April 1, 2005, the Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB), through Alberta Geological Survey, took ownership of this system and the responsibility for the long-term monitoring. As part of this role, the ERCB is responsible for keeping the monitoring system operational. This includes system diagnostic checks to confirm equipment functionality, and maintenance and repair of equipment that have malfunctioned.

This report outlines the specific troubleshooting procedures, both remotely and on-site, and repair instructions of the various elements that make up the monitoring system. It shows the international geotechnical community an example of the considerations and level of detail required when responsible for a similar early warning monitoring projects.

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Moreno, F. and Froese, C.R. (2009): ERCB/AGS system manual for the Turtle Mountain Monitoring Project, Alberta; Energy Resources Conservation Board, ERCB/AGS Open File Report 2009-14, 87 p.