Open File Report 2011-01

Author(s) Date 2011-01-30


This report summarizes the history of metallic mineral exploration and the inventory of gold occurrences in Alberta, based on the publicly available data. It also examines the origin and future potential of several distinct types of gold-bearing mineralization in terms of their origin and future exploration potential, and compares these occurrences in Alberta with similar deposits elsewhere.

Alberta's complex bedrock geology favours several distinct types of metallic mineralization with trace to significant amounts of gold. The documented precious- and base-metal mineral occurrences and geochemical anomalies indicate significant metallogenic potential for 1) the Precambrian shield and Athabasca Basin in the northeast and 2) several metallogenic intervals related to syndepositional rifting, orogenies and recurrent magmatism and hydrothermal activity during Western Canada Sedimentary Basin deposition in the rest of the province.

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Rukhlov, A.S. (2011): Review of metallic mineralization in Alberta with emphasis on gold potential; Energy Resources Conservation Board, ERCB/AGS Open File Report 2011-01, 93 p.