Open File Report 2011-02

Author(s) Date 2011-08-15

In this report, we present data on a Belly River Group outcrop section located at the eastern edge of Dinosaur Provincial Park in the Red Deer River valley. Measured section T21-R10W4-01 includes the uppermost part of the Oldman Formation and a complete section through the Dinosaur Park Formation. The Bearpaw Formation is poorly exposed at the top of the section.

The report includes a graphic log of the measured section, with an outcrop gamma-ray curve, a detailed description of the section (avoiding lithofacies interpretation but detailing stratigraphic context where appropriate) with selected photos and the results of biostratigraphic work on three samples from the upper part of the section.

NTS Keywords

Hathway, B. and Prior, G.J. (2011): Measured outcrop section T21-R10W4-01 of the Oldman and Dinosaur Park formations (Belly River Group), Dinosaur Provincial Park area, Red Deer River valley, southeastern Alberta (NTS 72L/14); Energy Resources Conservation Board, ERCB/AGS Open File 2011-02, 17 p.