Open File Report 2017-05

Author(s) Date 2017-09-07

The Edmonton-Calgary Corridor (ECC) occupies approximately 50 000 km2 of Alberta and presents a wide variety of hydrogeological conditions. This report summarizes efforts to characterize the hydrogeological attributes of the ECC that were determined primarily from the Alberta Environment and Parks Alberta Water Well Information Database.

In addition to a description of the broad-scale groundwater flow dynamics, this report also incorporates spring locations, soil types, wetlands locations and surface water information. This report contains maps depicting water well density, water table elevation, potentiometric surfaces, vertical hydraulic head gradients, and inferred recharge/discharge areas. This work provides the hydrogeological context for a large region of the province, and a foundation to develop models or more detailed investigations within the ECC.



NTS Keywords

Riddell, J.T.F. and Lyster, S. (2017): Hydrogeological overview of the Edmonton–Calgary Corridor, central Alberta; Alberta Energy Regulator, AER/AGS Open File Report 2017-05, 25 p.