Presentation 2017-002

Author(s) Date 2017-05-15

In west-central Alberta, particularly the area centred on the town of Fox Creek, the oil and gas industry is developing unconventional resource plays in the Duvernay and Montney formations. Multi-stage hydraulic fracturing has led to an increase in water demand, which has been sourced from both surface water and shallow groundwater in the early stages of development. However, the Alberta government encourages the use of saline groundwater or alternative non-saline water sources, meaning that industry should consider deep aquifers.  To better define groundwater conditions in the Fox Creek area, hydrogeological mapping of saline formations has been completed by the Alberta Geological Survey (AGS). The study area extends from Twp. 70 Rge. 5W6 in the northwest corner to Twp. 52 Rge. 7W5 in the southeast corner.

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 Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists - Geoconvention 2017