Report 04

Author(s) Date 1922-02-20

The third annual report on the mineral resources of Alberta deals specifically with the geology of the coal deposits in one of the several coal basins in Alberta. The first report for 1919 includes a summary of what has been previously written on various minerals, mineral products and allied resources. A bibliography is given after each of the various resources mentioned, so that anyone seeking information on the mineral resources of Alberta may use this report as a guide to earlier published information. The second report for 1920 includes additional information and a discussion of certain resources, especially salt (sodium chloride), iron, petroleum, bituminous sand and coal.

Early in 1921, the Scientific and Industrial Research Council of Alberta under which this geological report is published decided that detailed geological investigation should be commenced on certain coal basins within this province, as coal is the basic mining industry in Alberta. The Drumheller district was chosen because it was central, in the settled portion of the province, and because this district is the most important and largest mining center of domestic coal in the province.

In the following pages the physiography is described very briefly, but the general geology and the character and variation of the various coal beds are discussed and described with fuller detail. The outcrops of the coal beds have been mapped and all the seams correlated, and other data collected are included in this report.

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Allan, J.A. (1922): Third annual report on the mineral resources of Alberta, 1921 - Geology of Drumheller coal field, Alberta; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Report 04, 82 p.