Report 17

Author(s) Date 1927-03-29

The Geological Survey Division of the Scientific and Industrial Research Council of Alberta has carried on surveys in several of the coal areas of the Province since 1921. During part of the field season of 1926 the writer continued this work in the coal areas west of Edmonton. The continued search for oil in Alberta received fresh impetus in the latter part of 1925 and the survey division decided to devote a part of the 1926 field season to work in the foothills of Southern Alberta. Consequently, the writer spent about five weeks during June and the first part of July, 1926, in examining the area along the Bow River between Cochrane and Kananaskis.

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Rutherford, R.L. (1927): Geology along the Bow River between Cochrane and Kananaskis, Alberta; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Report 17, 64 p.