Special Report 079

Author(s) Date 2006-04-30


In the mid 1990s, Robert Pryde with Alberta Energy Company (AEC; now EnCana Corporation), while exploring for hydrocarbons in the Red Earth Creek area along the east flank of the Buffalo Head Hills, determined that shallow high frequency magnetic anomalies were coincident with reflection seismic disruptions and suggested they were potential kimberlite pipe(s). AEC then sought and formed a joint venture with Ashton Mining of Canada Inc. and Pure Gold Resources Ltd., with Ashton as operator. In 1997, Ashton discovered kimberlites on the southeast flank of the Buffalo Head Hills and 38 kimberlitic pipes have been located in this region. A large percentage of the pipes at the Buffalo Head Hills are diamondiferous, with at least six of the kimberlites containing estimated grades of >3 carats per hundred tones (cpht) and one pipe (kimberlite K252) having preliminary mini-bulk sample grades of 55 cpht.

This Special Report/poster will make these previously unavailable seismic data over selected Buffalo Head Hills kimberlites public. In addition, the seismic images, together with integration of multiple datasets, will contribute to the development of a kimberlite emplacement model for northern Alberta intended to stimulate continued diamond exploration in Alberta.

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Atkinson, E. and Pryde, R. (2006): Seismic investigation of selected kimberlite pipes in the Buffalo Head Hills kimberlite field, north-central Alberta; Alberta Energy and Utilities Board, EUB/AGS Special Report 79, 5 p.